5 Important Tips to Custom Design an Engagement Ring Online

If you are one of the many people who is getting engaged, then maybe it is time to stand out from the crowd. With a custom design engagement ring, you can create something that is unique and personal.

How Much Does It Cost to Custom Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Getting married can be stressful, especially for couples who are used to making many decisions. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the engagement ring Finding exactly what you want might seem challenging, but there are plenty of ways to simplify the process.

You can browse through Diamonite Moissanite Jewellery to get an idea on the settings you want, but as you customize it, our prices will slightly increase. To provide an indication on pricing, a recent setting for a 5ct custom design 4 prong simple solitaire in white gold plated silver is approx $180 USD.

Questions to Ask Before Shopping for Engagement Rings Online:

  • Do I need my custom design ring to be one of a kind?
  • Am I interested in a conflict-free gemstone/diamond?
  • Am I willing to stretch my budget or compromise other parts of my wedding/honeymoon?
  • How long do I want to shop for an engagement ring particularly if it is custom design?
  • How much do things like clarity, price, details, or carat matter to me?

Inspiration: Find Unique Styles Online

Getting started is important, as it can take a bit of planning to find the one-of-a-kind custom design engagement ring that fits perfectly. There are many ways to do so, such as searching for different styles and prices online, and on social media sites, such as Pinterest or Instagram.

Once you have a broad idea of your own ring, try narrowing it down in the following ways:

  1. Start with a ballpark budget

Sit down and come up with a budget for your engagement ring. It’s important to keep in mind that there are varying prices for various items, as well as the quality of the ring.

How to get a GREAT gemstone on a tight budget

With a moissanite gemstones, you can save money over choosing diamonds without being associated with unethical practices. They are also a great value compared to mined/lab grown diamonds, as well as being incredibly durable!

2. Understand your favorite style

There are many shapes to consider when choosing an engagement ring. Some of these include the classic oval, round, and marquise. Other options include designs for the heart, asscher, and princess.

A larger carat tends to be more expensive due to its size. To avoid imperfections, pay attention to the grade of the stone.

With so many options to choose from, it is natural to want the best for your ring. If you are not able to afford a large carat stone, then maybe try an eternity ring or three stone rings.

3. Compromise Vs Deal Breakers

If your budget allows, try to find areas of compromise. If you are not sure which stone to wear, try to find a smaller or larger stone for more shine and impeccable details.

Here are some factors that affect the price and quality of engagement rings, particularly in a custom design:

  • Moissanite vs. diamonds
  • A classic band vs. customized settings
  • Carat weight vs. overall diamond grade
  • Quality cut gemstones vs. average cuts
  • Shape (Oval, Princess, Emerald, etc.)
  • Metal (Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.)


Although everyone wants to help you achieve the ideal, it is also important to consider the unique needs of each individual. There are many factors that go into making a purchase, such as budget, style, and comfort.

Here are some things to ask particularly when wanting a custom design, depending on the person and their preferences:

  • Does my jeweler offer alternatives to diamonds?
  • Does their selection include colored gemstones?
  • Can they meet my delivery date?
  • Is their site easy to navigate and understand?
  • Does their site have reviews from satisfied customers?
  • What are their prices compared to others?
  • Do they carry the stone shape, style, and metal that you prefer?
Cushion Cut Hidden Halo Half Pave Ring
White gold engagement rings are always in style – https://diamoniteshop.com/cushion-moissanite-hidden-halo-ring-half-pave-gold/

Selecting the Right Metal to Match Your Gemstone

Although gold is a classic choice for most engagement rings, it can also be the best option for some people. For others, it’s the most popular choice due to how it can bring out a certain kind of sparkle.

What Ring Metals Look Best on Your Skin Tone?

If you have any questions about the metals that will match your skin tone, please contact us. They can help you select the best ring for your skin type and budget.

Where to Design Engagement Rings Online

Diamonite Moissanite Jewellery offers a variety of engagement rings that can be customized to fit any special request. Our experts can help you create the ideal ring through our online shopping experience.

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