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How long will it take for my ring to reach me from order date?

As we offer worldwide shipping to most destinations, the time varies by location. Generally, though, you should have your order approx 20 days from when your order is despatched. Order processing is usually approx 1-2 days.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

At Diamonite Moissanite Jewellery, we accept most major Credit Cards or PayPal at checkout. If you wish to pay via EFT/Direct Debit, please contact us directly and we can facilitate this option.

What if I need help placing an order through your website?

If you need help placing an online order, you can use the simple messenger pop-up option directly on the website. Alternatively, send an email to support@diamoniteshop.com and we will get in touch with you.

What type of warranty do I receive?

You will receive a lifetime warranty on the brilliance & fire of all moissanite stones. You will receive a special warranty card with your order for all moissanite stones that are 0.5 carat & above

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