Engagement & Wedding Ring Etiquette

While it’s important to keep in mind the various options when it comes to wearing your engagement & wedding ring, it can, at times, be confusing. This guide will help new fiancés navigate these various conventions & give you some common ideas on how to wear your rings.

Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring

Despite the names, each ring has its own special significance. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the main difference between a wedding ring & an engagement ring is that the former is given when you exchange wedding vows as a couple.

In western cultures, the wedding & engagement rings are worn on the index finger of the left hand. This is believed to be a symbol of love & commitment.

Wearing your rings during & after you exchange vows

Most couples wear the wedding band close to their heart, which means it is stacked below the engagement ring. When choosing to wear their wedding bands, most brides-to-be will first switch their engagement ring to the right before walking down the aisle.

Working with your hands may cause women to choose to only wear their wedding band once a day. This is a common practice when traveling or when planning a special occasion.

What about men?

Although men don’t generally wear engagement rings in Western cultures, it’s not uncommon for them to do so. Take, for instance, Ed Sheeran, who got engaged to singer Cherry Seaborn.

Other celebrities who have sported engagement rings include Michael Bublé, David Otunga, and Skylar Astin.

When & How should I wear an Eternity Ring?

Diamond eternity bands are very popular gifts to mark significant milestones & anniversaries, such as having a baby or 10 year wedding anniversay.

An anniversary ring can be made with any of the following: colored gemstone accents, engraved birthstones, or just a favorite color. Stacking your wedding band with an anniversary ring is a popular choice.

Your wedding jewelry represents your commitment to one another, and it’s up to you to decide how you wear it.

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