Is it worth the money buying a Moissanite Gemstone?

Not every couple is made for each other. When choosing an engagement ring, it is a big decision and one that requires a lot of thought and planning.

Moissanites are more affordable than diamonds. If a 1ct diamond costs $6000, a comparable Moissanite would only cost around $1000. Although diamonds & moissanite are similar in appearance, there is a school of thought that believes moissanite to be ‘fake’, and if your other half belongs to this group, the consequences could be disastrous!

Diamonds are associated with the keeping of tradition, while moissanite is considered somewhat of a breakaway gem.

But it’s way more than a ‘cheap’ moissanite engagement ring so you might be able to convince your other half! Here’s why:

Although a moissanite may not retain its value, and buying a diamond may seem like an investment, it has no intrinsic value over a moissanite..

If you think that diamonds are worth more than the price you paid for them, try selling them before they become worthless.

Gaining in popularity

There are very few reasons not to use moissanite in engagement rings.  The leading reason for choosing moissanite over diamonds, is that it has many similar characteristics & features to diamonds when comparing the two, and many features that some might describe as “better”.

Moissanite Engagement Rings are an alternative option over diamonds due to near identical characteristics & features..

Attainable Price

One of the greatest benefits of moissanite is its pricing.

It is nowhere near the pricing range of a diamond, and the size and quality you can afford in moissanite is far greater than if you were to spend the same amount on a diamond.

A moissanite can be around 10% of the price of a diamond!

This means you can choose a much larger stone for a much lower price than if you were choosing a diamond.

Moissanite can result in huge overall savings in the process of buying an engagement ring, and lends itself to a vast array of design options and styles.

Conflict-Free & Sustainable

One way that moissanite trumps natural diamonds is that they’re ethical & sustainable, with minimal impact on the environment.

Following the release of Blood Diamond which portrayed diamonds that are mined in war zones and the money raised is used to fund the war and often the warlord who uses questionable methods, many couples are exploring more ethical options when it comes to buying a ring. If you’re worried about the impact of conflict diamonds, then a moissanite would be a better choice.  

By choosing a moissanites instead of a diamond you can rest assured your moissanite has been ethically sourced as it will have been grown in a lab environment.

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