The 10 of the best Engagement Ring trends of 2021

From engagement rings that are both elegant and sexy to bands that are both practical and beautiful, these are the trends that made their way through 2021.

This year’s new engagement ring styles are in the works have been from colored stones to sustainable materials.

According to a new study conducted by Betches Brides, over 70% of people expecting an engagement expect the ring to be a part of the proposal. And while it may seem like a bit of a shock to learn about the latest engagement ring trends, 60% of people who are already expecting an engagement have no problem sharing their ideal style with their partner.

Two Stone Engagement Rings

Double the diamonds? Two-stone engagement rings were big throughout the year. This trend is for anyone who wants to stand out.

This trend involves choosing a ring that features contrasting gems. You can either go for a pear cut or a large stone, such as a marquise.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings (Trilogy)

If two stones aren’t enough for your taste, consider a three-stone ring. This style engagement ring is back in for 2021 trends with smaller side stones that taper into a thin band. As its name indicates, three diamonds (or gemstones) are set closely together. Usually the side stones are half, or one quarter the size of the center stone

Due to the design of the three-stone ring, it’s not as bold as the two-stone trend. It’s also a great choice for celebrities who are known to wear it on their bodies.

For 2021 engagement ring trends, we’re seeing a number of Radiant Cut diamonds flanked with tapered Baguettes on either side & Emerald Shape diamonds with Baguettes.

Blue Engagement Rings

In 2021, blue gemstones is one of the major trends for anyone who wants to rock an eye-catching ring finger. This year, lighter blue stones such as tanzanite and aquamarines will be making their way onto the spotlight.

Sustainable Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

The demand for sustainable wedding rings and engagement rings has increased in 2021, and will do so leading into 2022.

With zero waste weddings becoming more prevalent, it’s no surprise that sustainable jewelry is also becoming one of the top trends to consider. Aside from sourcing ethical metals and stones, consider lab-grown diamonds instead of mined ones. They look pretty similar to mined ones, and they’re cheaper too.

Timeless Engagement Rings

This year’s trend for wedding rings is actually the opposite of what’s trendy. Instead of being trendy, couples are opting for something more timeless and simple.

With the rise of trendiness, more clients are looking for round center stones. If you love Art Deco design, consider getting a step cut, such as the Asscher or the emerald. A brilliant cut is a modernized version of diamond styles that originated during the late 19th and early-20th centuries. It has a high number of facets and is designed to create major sparkle.

Pave Band

While the classic pavé setting has long been a favorite, we’re noticing an increase in the popularity of more unique ones. For instance, this 4.5/10ct Radiant Cut with hidden halo is an engagement ring that has a unique twist.

Halo Setting

Halo settings are still a driving force in engagement ring collections. However, they’re also becoming more eye-catching and unique overall in engagement ring trends during 2021.

In a halo setting, smaller diamonds surround the center stone in a concentric circle (or whatever shape the diamond is). With these additional stones, the center diamond often appears larger.

Halo rings are often created with various shapes of diamonds. In 2021, the trends for halos is centered on the Round Cut, the Oval, and the Cushion Cut.


It’s not rare to see a solitaire engagement ring near the top of the list. They are truly timeless. A solitaire engagement ring is ideal for anyone who likes a simple and traditional style. It features a single diamond or stone in the center.


The top ring trends for 2021 that feature intricate details and accents are all part of the vintage setting trend. These rings are very similar to the other ring styles.

Wondering what classifies as a vintage ring? Most settings mirror the styles of the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco time periods – this style tends to feature detailed work and are intricate in nature.


This design features a cathedral-like setting with arches at the top of the ring. The light that passes through the diamond provides more brilliance and fire.

Cathedral settings are mostly in white gold, though there are some yellow and rose gold rings as well. They are also popular with the Round Brilliant Cut.

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