About Moissanite

The term Moissanite came from Dr Henri Moissan, who discovered this amazing mineral in the Arizona desert within a meteor crater in 1893. The appearance & composition of Moissanite is almost identical to that of natural Diamonds, and it quite literally comes from the stars. It is the most brilliant & one of the rarest gemstones. By the late 1990s, the process of moissanite production within a lab was perfected. Today, manmade moissanite is indistinguishable from naturally occurring moissanite. Although it is created in a lab, synthetic moissanite is still produced to the exact composition of naturally occurring moissanite.

About Moissanite

Moissanite is an ideal alternative to diamonds. Being lab-grown ensures that Moissanite is ethically & environmentally sourced, as opposed to mined diamonds that are generally sourced unethically, as well as the negative global impacts that mining of diamonds poses on our environment.


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