Cutting Edge – 3 Alternative Moissanite Diamond Cut Styles for you to consider

There are a lot of new types of moissanite diamonds coming out in the future, and it’s going to get confusing for all of us! We’ve done the research and provided the detail so that you can understand what would be the ideal cut for you.

The Originals – Brilliant & Crushed Ice

Until recently, there were two main types of cutting styles for moissanite diamonds, namely Brilliant & Crushed Ice. A brilliant cut stone is the most brilliant type, while a crushed ice cut is the most economical way to produce it.

A crushed ice cut stone has a slightly different style, but retains the same amount of light. When going into the crown, light will bounce all over the place. Sometimes, it will reflect three times and exit the pavilion instead. The reason why this is so is that the facets of the stone have a different angle, which makes them more prone to getting lit. A brilliant cut stone has a central pavillion, and this style reflects light evenly throughout the stone.

Below provides a comparison of a Brilliant vs Crushed Ice:

You’ll notice that the brilliant facets of the stone on the left contrast with the crushed ice’s hazy and broken up facets. Also, the dark band running across the center of the stone is a type of bow tie effect.

Even though crushed ice seems inferior, people have different reasons for choosing crushed ice over brilliant moissanite diamonds. Due to their various characteristics, the choice of crushed ice vs. brilliant cut oval diamonds is influenced by people’s personal preference. For instance, some people prefer the crushed ice look over the brilliant stone’s polished appearance. Another reason is that they don’t want too much fire and sparkle.

Why The Bowtie?

Ovals have a short side and a long side. Their pavilion facets meet at the bottom of the stone, creating a shorter and wider angle at the bottom. This means that the facets at the bottom are shorter than those at the top.

he light leaking through the stone is caused by the small angle on the bottom. The easiest way to prevent this phenomenon is by keeping the stone’s length as long as possible.

There is a fine balance between keeping a stone straight and forming a bow tie, which can cause light leakage throughout the stone. Moissanite’s high refractive index makes it reflect light in a similar manner to the round brilliant, which is why it’s typically preferred to have a crushed ice look.

When going through a stone, the light will bounce back and forth in the same direction, but the stone with the higher refraction index will bend the light slightly more than the stone with the lower refractive index as shown below:

Both the brilliant and crushed ice versions are beautiful cuts. They do everything better than diamonds, and they can also improve a person’s light return. But, just like diamonds, moissanite is also its own unique properties.


A SUPERNOVA Moissanite is a brand new type of moissanite diamond that has now become available on the market. It is a truly stunning style of gemstone, and is being cut in various sizes.

They’re out of this world!

The SUPERNOVA is a colorless stone, which means they are D-F. Moissanite is a durable material that will stand up to wear for a lifetime. Its hardness makes it harder than rubies and sapphires.

They come in large & petite sizes

The SUPERNOVA comes in a wide range of sizes and cuts, so if you’re after something a bit different, we’ve got something for everyone. If you’re after a 10ct radiant cut, we’ve got some for you.

They won’t cost the size of a small planet!

As new moissanites flood the market, prices will vary widely, with a higher price indicating higher quality. Some examples of these include a 1ct cushion cut that will roughly set you back at $240, a 2ct cushion cut that will roughly cost $540, and a 3ct oval cut that will is estimated at $940.

Whereas an actual diamond of 7ct oval cut would cost you $5,490. A 5ct H color diamond would cost you $12,490

They are Australian

Moissanite International is the sole manufacturer that processes and cuts these beautiful moissanite diamond stones. They formulate their own Silicon Carbide powder, and they use their own on-site cutters.

Rose Cut

The rose cut is a unique style that dates back to the 16th century. It has a flat base and a round top, and it’s usually accompanied by a dome or a portrait.

Rose facets are formed by a series of triangular shapes. The face-up shape is usually circular.

The Rose Cut Moissanite Diamond is not as bright as a modern cut. In the past, many people had their rose-cut diamonds turned into more fashionable shapes.

Rose Cut Moissanite Diamond
An example of a Rose Cut Moissanite Diamond in this solitaire engagement ring
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