Is Moissanite the No. 1 best Faux Diamond?

Moissanite is a real gemstone, not a wannabe diamond

Moissanite is a real gemstone that has its own unique physical characteristics. Unlike diamonds, it is not made from carbon but instead, it’s made from silicon carbide. Also, it’s not a replica of a diamond.

So if it’s not a fake diamond, what is it?

‘Moissy’ is a lab-made stone that looks and feels like a diamond. As well as being extremely durable & a very affordable alternative to a diamond, this gemstone is becoming more popular in Australia.

Although there are many types of fake diamonds out there, such as cubic zirconia, that are very similar to real ones, they will eventually need replacing, as they don’t have the longevity of a diamond.

Although it looks pretty at first, the synthetic material used to produce cubic zirconia is more prone to scratches than the natural diamond itself. As a result, it becomes cloudy, less brilliant and more prone to getting ruined over time.

And then there is Moissanite – this is a gemstone that has a hardcore rating of 9.25 on the Hardness Scale, making it almost the hardest material on the planet. This means that it is incredibly scratch-resistant and can last a lifetime of regular wear.

So it’s like a diamond… but better?!

Moissy is so similar to diamonds that it most people cannot tell the difference between them! The only difference is that it has a higher refractive index.

This makes this gemstone a perfect choice for any engagement ring due to its high brilliance and colorless appearance. It’s also the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look like a diamond without being too expensive.

For most people, the real appeal would have to be its low price. For instance, a 6.5mm round Moissanite stone would cost around $200. Whereas a diamond in equivalent size, color, clarity would be in excess of $18,000 USD

This wonderful gemstone from the stars is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an engagement ring that is both beautiful and attainable in price.

Moissanite is an ethical, environmentally-friendly choice

A Moissanite engagement ring is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Aside from being incredibly durable and beautiful, it’s also incredibly eco-friendly and is the most ethical choice for a ring stone.

Moissanite is produced in labs and doesn’t require the mining process that a natural diamond is obtained. This means that it’s less harmful to the environment and local communities.

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