Diamond vs Moissanite: Clarity

The clarity of moissanite refers to the amount (or lack of ) of blemishes & inclusions that are visible in the stone. Like diamonds, moissanite is generally imperfect, meaning there are often small blemishes that are visible when viewed under magnification.

Almost all moissanite sold is graded for clarity using a scale similar to that used by the GIA & other grading entities to assess the clarity of diamonds. 

4.5 Carat / 10 Carat Radiant Cut Genuine Moissanite Hidden Halo Ring with 3D Pave Band in Solid Gold

The clarity grade (as well as the remaining attributes of the 4C’s) for moissanite is included on a certificate/full report provided through The Global Gemological Research Association Institute, which is the standard of excellence in gemstones services worldwide (GRA reports have proven to be the internationally recognized passport for gemstones since 1993).

Since moissanite is largely lab-grown, unlike natural diamonds, it’s very uncommon to see moissanite with a clarity grade below the VS level for sale. In general, the clarity of moissanite is close to flawless almost all the time.

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