Moissanite: Cut

Like diamonds, moissanite is available in a variety of different cuts. You can find round, oval, pear, cushion, princess, and radiant cut moissanite. Some moissanite is even cut in antique cuts that were widely used for diamonds hundreds of years ago. 

The most popular cut for moissanite is the round brilliant cut. There are several reasons for the round brilliant cut’s popularity:

  • Brilliance. Like with a diamond, the round brilliant cut offers the greatest brilliance & fire. This means that the stone will sparkle when it’s exposed to bright light, which enters into the stone & bounces off its facets in different directions.
  • Color. The round brilliant cut is the best cut for hiding color & making a stone appear nearly or completely colorless.
  • Versatility. The round brilliant cut is extremely versatile, with a design that looks great in modern & vintage engagement rings & other jewelry.

Generally, moissanite looks the best in cuts that the stone’s brilliance, such as the princess cut (for moissanite, this shape is often referred to as the “square cut”), as well as the oval cut, radiant cut, and marquise cut. 

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