Diamond vs Moissanite: Price

A diamond’s price & value is dependent on the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat). These elements work together to form the beauty & brilliance of the stone. Because diamonds are mostly natural, they can vary hugely in price, value & quality.

On the other hand, most moissanite tends to cost the same on average, except when two stones differ in size &/or color.

The below chart outlines the price difference of moissanite vs. diamond side by side.

*Size (in Carats)Diamond PriceSize Moissanite Price

*Note: Moissanite weighs approximately 15% less than diamonds. Therefore, an accurate comparison of price is not possible. Instead of using Carat weight, moissanite is priced on size in millimeters. We have estimated a close comparison above.

The table above shows a comparison between diamonds in various carat weights & moissanite stones in roughly corresponding sizes.

At the low end, you can see that a half-carat diamond costs, more or less, ten times as much as similarly sized moissanite. And this price ratio increases with size too, with a 6.5mm moissanite stone costing around $250, which is almost 95% less than a 1ct diamond with a similar diameter.

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