Moissanite: Brilliance

When you see a diamond sparkle, you’re experiencing its ability to bend & refract light. As light strikes the pavilions (the angled surfaces on the lower half of the diamond), it bounces & is refracted up through the diamond’s table (the top, flat surface) to your eye. When this occurs, it’s called brilliance.

How Light reflects through a diamond

Moissanite gives off a different type of sparkle. The facets are cut & formed differently, causing less white light refraction than a diamond. Moissanite displays 10% more brilliance than diamonds and has nearly 2.4 times the “fire” (aka sparkle).

Interestingly, moissanite has a higher refractive index — a measure of the speed at which light travels through the material — than diamonds. The refractive index of moissanite is 2.65, versus 2.42 for diamonds. Overall, the refractive index of the two stones is very similar.

In addition to diamond’s signature brilliance, the gemstones also emit fire, which is the reflection of colored, or rainbow light. Moissanite also gives off a vibrant colored light reflection. In some cases & under certain light, the moissanite emits extensive color dazzling.

Therefore, Moissanite has more brilliance, fire, and lustre than any other jewel including diamond at a fraction of the cost. And you will find more Moissanite jewelry pieces at Diamoniteshop.com so that you can show off your brilliance!

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