Top 9 Advantages of Choosing a Moissanite Gemstone

Moissanite is comparable on many levels to diamonds, and it is now known as the best alternative to diamonds. Being eco-friendly with high durability & great value, Moissanite can also at times have optical properties exceeding those of a diamond counterpart. Following are the Top 9 advantages of choosing a moissanite gemstone for your next jewelry purchase:

  • Price. The first & biggest advantage of moissanite is that it is much cheaper than diamond, but looks pretty much identical. A diamond’s price is determined by the 4C’s of cut, clarity, carat, & color, but the price of moissanite is determined by size & type, which determines whether it is enhanced or not. Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamond, meaning you’ll be able to purchase a larger stone at a lower price. This can be a significant advantage if you’re on a limited budget.
  • Longevity. The best part about moissanite is that the solidity of the gem will create a beloved piece that will last for a very long time. The stone will not lose its shine or become gloomy. Even after years, it will shine as brightly & you will be able to pass it down to your family for years to come.
  • Clarity. Because moissanites are produced in a lab environment, they’re generally not sold unless they have a high clarity grade. This means that it’s rare to find moissanite with obvious inclusions & blemishes.
  • Ethical. People will very much appreciate the technology that goes into a moissanite. If you’re concerned about the ethical side of buying a diamond, this will an immense advantage for you. One thing for sure is that your moissanite is ethically sourced & conflict free. They are all grown in superior labs under the best possible conditions. Using the finest equipment & some of the most talented scientists you are sure to receive a premium, well-made gemstone.
  • Brilliance. Moissanite has a high refractive index & a strong level of brilliance, with a noticeable level of color. Moissanite is, therefore, preferred by many because of this brilliance. The light return of a moissanite is greater than that of a diamond. They emit a sparkle that will shimmer & shine in even under the most dull lights. Moissanite is probably the world’s most of brilliant gems.
  • Shape/Cut. Available in a number of different cuts, such as Round (Brilliant), Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Square (Princess), Rectangle (Radiant) & Cushion – this makes Moissanite a very versatile gem choice for sure!
  • Durability. Moissanite is sturdy & durable, which means that it can resist abrasion & scratching. A diamond is harder than a moissanite, but both the stones have almost identical durability. Moissanite also has a resistance against chipping & breaking. Its durability makes this perfect for everyday wear, being just second to a diamond on the Mohs scale making this harder than any other gemstone (ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc.).
  • Easy Care & Maintenance. Some gemstones are not easy to take care of & will eventually lose their shine, but that is not the case with moissanite. You can wear it extensively & it won’t change its appearance at all.
  • Eco-Friendly. The environment is on everyone’s mind today. More people are searching for eco-friendly options, which is why many lean toward moissanite instead of mined diamonds. Because moissanite is grown in a lab environment, this means it is incredibly environmentally friendly.
Loose Brilliant Cut Moissanite Gemstones of various sizes
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